The Center for the Study of Language Development and Linguistic Communication, University of Bucharest, is pleased to announce the 7th Bucharest Colloquium of Language Acquisition, which will be held on November 19 – 20, 2021. Given the travel restrictions and uncertainty due to COVID-19 we will host the colloquium online.

Keynote speaker
Maria Lobo – Linguistics Research Centre of NOVA University Lisbon (CLUNL)

The colloquium provides a forum for recent research on language acquisition and language learning. It is primarily intended as a venue for researchers and doctoral students to present ongoing work on any topic relevant to L1 and 2L1 acquisition, L2 and L3 learning. The main goal is to bring forward recent theoretical and experimental work on the acquisition of Romanian from a formal perspective. Work on the acquisition of other languages is also welcome.


This year the colloquium will also host the workshop
“The Acquisition of Heritage Languages”
organized by Elena Soare, University of Paris 8.
Keynote speakers: Anamaria Benţea & Theodoros Marinis – University of Konstantz

Heritage languages have gathered an increasing interest in the past decade, as they offer a window into acquisition and language contact. The acquisition of the heritage language changes as a result of both reduced input and the influence of the dominant language, which is equally visible in phonology, lexicon, morphology, syntax and semantics. Code-switching, calques, transfer are also frequent and classify heritage speakers as particular cases of (unbalanced) bilinguals. This workshop aims at bringing together researchers on heritage languages in all the domains of heritage study, with a particular emphasis on syntax.


We invite one-page abstract submissions (TNR 12, single-spaced, 1-inch margins), including data and references, for 30 minute-long oral presentations (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussions). The abstracts must be in English and they should be sent to: Please specify if your abstract is intended for the main session or for the workshop.

Important dates
Deadline for submissions: 25 July 2021
Notification of acceptance: 25 August 2021

All authors who present in the colloquium will be invited to submit their paper for a volume of selected contributions.


Organizing committee
Larisa Avram (University of Bucharest)
Anca Sevcenco (University of Bucharest)
Elena Soare (University Paris 8) (for the workshop)
Veronica Tomescu (University of Bucharest)

For further information related to the workshop, please get in touch with Elena Soare at and with Veronica Tomescu at for any questions in relation to the main session.