The Romance Turn brings together researchers from across Europe and overseas with the aim of sharing results and developing further research on the acquisition of Romance languages. Language acquisition studies both in children and adult learners are central to building our understanding of human language and how it develops in the brain. The field has witnessed a continuous growth during the past three decades. Over this period empirical evidence provided by research conducted on the acquisition of Romance languages such as Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish has become increasingly productive.

Following the success of previous Romance Turn conferences (Madrid (2004), Utrecht (2006), Southampton (2008), Tours (2010), Lisbon (2012), Palma de Mallorca (2014), Venice (2015), Bellaterra (2016)) this year the Romance Turn IX will be held in Bucharest, Romania, hosted by the Centre for the Study of Language Development and Linguistic Communication of the University of Bucharest.

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